Custom Seminars & Classes

Planning, Design & Construction of Police Facilities
At a venue of your choosing.
Essential information for all police, public works & capital projects executives.
Peoria Police Department

MWL offers customizable two-day facility planning that may be sponsored and/or hosted by any police agency.

This is the essential Planning, Design and Construction of Police Facilities class that was presented twice annually by the IACP for nearly 30 years and attended by more than 1,300 agencies.

This class provides essential planning data for elected officials, police executives and public works officials and may be customized to address and focus on your specific needs.


One flat fee
Up to 25 attendees
(may be from multiple agencies, at your discretion)


The Space Needs Study

  • Renovate, Expand or Build New?
  • What Size Should Your Building and Site Be?
  • How to Select a Correct Site

Building Political Support

  • Anticipating and Managing the “Politics”
  • How to Assemble a Project Team
  • How to Get Your Budget Right

Project Delivery Options

  • Traditional or Non-Traditional Options

Security Design

  • Passive and Active Design Strategies

Planning for Specialized Needs

  • New Concepts and Details
  • Emergency Communications Centers
  • Tactical Firearms Proficiency Ranges
  • Short Term Holding
  • Property & Evidence
  • Investigations & Interview Rooms
  • Patrol Areas (that maximize efficiency)